What is Workforce Planning?

Workforce planning is a process of analyzing an organization's current workforce and predicting future workforce needs, aligned with the priorities of the business. The goal is to ensure the availability of critical talent and skills, delivering workforce solutions to enable businesses to anticipate and respond quickly to change.

Skill-based workforce planning focuses on the future skills needed within the organization, assessing the availability of skills in a team, identifying gaps between the current and required skills needs, and planning for the development of team members.

Adopting a systematic and strategic approach, unlocks your workforce’s capabilities, empowers business leaders with reliable, accurate and timely team insights, and ensures that skills gaps do not impact business performance.

Our approach

We take a skills-based approach to workforce planning using data-driven insights to uncover critical skill gaps and align talent with the business strategy
We work with you to bridge the gaps, addressing skills shortages through targeted learning and development plans.
We review your strategic objectives to identify the future skills needed to enhance organizational performance.
We create a structured approach to staff learning and development that aligns with the organization's goals and objectives. 
We use technology to assess, visualize and present insights giving you a clear understanding of your team’s capacity, current skills and skill gaps while unlocking untapped potential.
We help you prioritize your learning activities and resources to ensure that staff develop the skills and capabilities needed to build a stronger, more resilient organization. 
We help you to understand how to fill talent, role, and close skills gaps to drive strong performance now and in the future, designing workforce solutions specific to the challenges faced by your organization. 
We bring together key stakeholders and data from Finance, HR, and Business Planning, building holistic workforce strategies.

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