Client stories

Living the values 

Culture and Behaviours

The business challenges

After adopting a new 5-year strategic plan, a global UN agency acknowledged that the inconsistent application of values and behaviours was negatively impacting their effectiveness. As a result, they recognized the need for a cultural shift within the organization and sought to take action to address this issue.

How we optimized performance

To achieve lasting change, it was essential for all stakeholders to take ownership of the solution right from the outset. JBC initiated a thorough discovery process, initially collaborating with the HR leadership team to gain insight into the organization's espoused values and demonstrated competencies and behaviours.

Numerous interviews were conducted with staff, managers, and leadership to gauge the current awareness and readiness for the upcoming changes, as well as to identify staff concerns and potential challenges.

In collaboration with a global working group, JBC collected feedback from all levels of the organization—staff, managers, and senior leaders—regarding the key competencies and behaviours aligned with the organization's values. This feedback served as the basis for identifying core competencies that would drive success, defining proficiency levels, measurable indicators, and behaviours that would embody each competency in practical terms.

To ensure the validity of the framework, a diverse cross-section of staff was invited to validate the identified behaviours and competency levels. Through extensive research and best practices benchmarking, JBC developed a behavioural competency framework directly linked to the organization's values. This framework provided a consistent and all-encompassing approach for the entire organization, independent of grade, function, or location.

Finally, JBC presented a comprehensive set of recommendations on how to integrate these competencies and behaviours into all HR practices and processes, enabling the organization to embrace the desired cultural change effectively.

Breakthrough results

Implemented a standardized and shared vocabulary to define the desired work performance across the organization.
Clearly communicated behaviuoral and organizational expectations, as well as performance standards, for staff, managers, and senior leaders.
The result was improved engagement, enhanced individual performance, and overall organizational outcomes that aligned with the Agency's strategic objectives.
Additionally, turnover rates and employee relation cases were reduced.
Staff and managers were provided with a structured framework for assessing their strengths, identifying areas for improvement, and exploring development opportunities.
A culture built on trust was embedded, empowering staff to unleash their full potential.
The integration and alignment of staff with the Agency's values fostered a strong, positive, inclusive, and diverse organizational culture.