What is Leadership Effectiveness?

Leadership effectiveness is focused on building robust, cohesive leadership and governance teams to lead and drive business outcomes.

Using behaviours aligned to organizational values, competencies, and behaviours, we assess the capabilities and functioning of the team while deepening relationships and agreeing expectations about team performance and engagement.

By focusing on how the team make decisions, leverage diversity of strengths, ideas and resolve issues, your business can optimize leadership performance and organizational outcomes.

Our approach

We identify the behaviours that align with strong leadership
We provide a clear roadmap to foster healthy, effective participation and engagement.
We provide a data-driven assessment of the effectiveness of leadership teams and Boards, including individual assessment, strengths, and contribution to the team. 
We provide coaching for individual leaders with specific challenges. 
We explore the interfaces and dependencies between the leadership team, governance body and the wider organizational system.
We assess the leadership pipeline, addressing talent gaps that could jeopardize the organization’s future success.
We facilitate critical conversations, exploring team dynamics and ways of working.

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